Josephine Baird



So much of my art has been about visibility. The fear of it, the need for it, as well as the desire for it. When I came to digital and visual art, and when I came to school to study it, I had to once again face the question of how visible do I want to be? How visible can I be? How visible is it safe to be? Thankfully the answers came quite naturally. As with all of my other art, I can’t seem to help being visible. It is the only way I really know how to make it. Prior to coming to school at Jakobsbergs FolkHögskola, I hadn’t had any formal training in the arts but I knew one thing and that was that art is really only compelling when it is true, vulnerable and open. This was welcomed and encouraged here by the teachers and my fellow students. I am so grateful to them and the inspiration they are. From and with them, I learned not just how to improve the technique of my art but to develop its visibility. To share what is most scary, what is most personal and necessary. And that is what I have tried to do here with each picture in a different style. To honour the visibility of others, the visibility of their art, to make visible my own fears and traumas (current and previous), as well as my own hopes and wonder. As we all wait for an uncertain future, I am looking forward and knowing that whatever comes next, all my opportunities, have been made possible by the support and encouragement I have had to be visible. Here at this school and everywhere else that I have been and can be.

I continue to make a spectacle of myself here and all over the internet including at and if you are at all interested in seeing more of my previous work and what I will be doing going forward.